Three Eyes Software is really just John Giors. I’m presently developing one-man open-source projects and a game design on back-burner. To avoid daylight on weekdays, I disguise myself as an Embedded Systems Engineer and roam the halls of Teledyne Analytical Instruments.

jg_batches 0.3.1

This release adds view_more.bat to the “SendTo” utilities and fixes an email address typo in readMe.txt.

jg_batches 0.3.1

PELN 0.5.0

PELN 0.5.0 is released.

The major new feature in this release is that it is now possible to edit existing entries using the “PELN REVISE” command. “revise.bat” contains the commands for editing an entry and updating the log file. PELN maintains history of all versions of edited entries.

PELN 0.5.0 links:

PELN 0.4.1

PELN 0.4.1 is released.
- Added unit test for development, including minor code change to support unit test (see source distribution for details).
- Documentation corrections.
- No user-visible changes to functionality.

PELN 0.4.1 links:

PELN 0.4.0

Long time since my last post, I know… Anyway, PELN 0.4.0 is released. The functionality of the program is not changed too much in this release. It is now possible to use any name for the log file by running “peln.exe setlog [filename]“. There are significant under-the-hood changes which should simplify future development.

PELN 0.4.0 links:

PELN 0.3.1

The primary changes for PELN 0.3.1 are:

  • Added local time to log (in addition to UTC).
  • Added “versions.txt” and placeholder “readMe.txt”.

For more info, see versions.txt in either distribution.

PELN 0.3.1 links:

jg_batches 0.3.0

I restored the batch files related to dates and times, plus added timestamp2clipboard.bat which (as the name suggests) places a date and time stamp on the clipboard, for pasting into any program. For ease of use, create a Windows keyboard shortcut and you can get a timestamp instantly any time you need it.

jg_batches 0.3.0

jg_batches 0.2.0

I added a readMe.txt and versions.txt to jg_batches 0.2.0. I also removed the batch files involving date/time settings, as they too strictly depend upon a specific set of language/date/time settings. I plan to restore them ASAP.

Updated resume

An acquaintance asked me to send my resume her way, so I updated it with the latest regarding my job at Teledyne, which has turned out to have a lot more responsibilities than I expected (which to be clear, is good). I feel like this really is an opportunity to make a huge impact at an employer (as opposed to just wishful thinking).

It also looks like I’ll have an opportunity to do some supervising, training, and project management, which I enjoy so long as it doesn’t become my entire job. I don’t feel comfortable unless I’m at least partly “down in the trenches”.

PELN 0.2.0 released

PELN 0.2.0 Plaintext Electronic Lab Notebook is now released.

The only difference in functionality is that the batch file no longer loops to repeatedly reopen Notepad++. I’ve been using it on a Windows hotkey (create a shortcut to the batch, select properties on the shortcut, select “Shortcut key”, then press a key combo, e.g. Ctrl + Alt + P). A hotkey works much better than the looping batch.

Other changes:

  • Three-identifier version number (major.minor.patch, e.g. 0.2.0).
  • Added peln_license.txt instead of referring to “main.c” file from the exe.
  • Code refactored.

PELN 0.2.0 links:


I decided to publish a collection of Windows batch files I frequently use. I don’t know how useful they will be to others, but at the very least they make decent batch file examples.

I was going to publish them to the public domain, but after reading about potential liability issues, I decided to add an extremely liberal license to the package (see the package for details).

Click here to download jg_batches.zip.