Three Eyes Software is really just John Giors. I’m presently developing one-man open-source projects and a game design on back-burner. To avoid daylight on weekdays, I disguise myself as an Embedded Systems Engineer and roam the halls of Teledyne Analytical Instruments.

Lua script functions

I recently added Lua scripting to my data-driven component system (which is itself written in Lua). I wanted a script file to behaves like a function call (as opposed to a module). Lua compiles a script into a “chunk”, which is treated as a function with a variable number of arguments, and may return a [...]

Sadly, no GDC presentation this year…

Unfortunately, my proposal for a presentation on the effects of seek times on streaming system performance was not accepted for GDC 2011. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess. Well, no point in getting too bummed out. Besides, there is a silver lining. Since it’s not going to be a “GDC exclusive”, I’ll post it on [...]

A little about my game prototype

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m working on a game prototype. It’s a simple 2D puzzle-platformer, more highly weighted towards puzzles than action. The environment is laid out on a discrete grid, and objects interact on that grid, but the avatar motion is through continuous 2D space. I’ve tried to keep the control scheme [...]

Data-driven component system in Lua

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been using Lua a lot. One of the things I’ve done is set up a data-driven, “component based” architecture. I put “component based” in quotes because there doesn’t seem to be any standard way to implement component systems. Plus, based on what I’ve seen/experienced with other component [...]

Game prototypes

During the past few months, I’ve implemented several gameplay prototypes. They’re rough, but they’ve allowed me to try out ideas to see how they work in practice. A couple of ideas sounded really good when I thought of them, but I realized they weren’t fun after I implemented them. That’s not unusual — you never [...]