Three Eyes Software is really just me, John Giors. I’ve been working professionally as a programmer for about 15 years, primarily in the games industry, currently as an Embedded Systems Engineer.

In my spare time, I’m developing one-man open-source projects, among them PELN (Plaintext Electronic Lab Notebook).

I’m also working (very slowly) on Containment (working title), an abstract puzzle game where levels may be partially or wholly invisible until revealed in the process of solving the level.

The above projects are the primary focus of this site at the moment, but I occasionally post on related topics such as programming, technology, and game design.

If you’re interested in exploiting my programming talents, feel free to contact me. If you’re one of those pesky types who insists on the old-fashioned electronic resume (you know who you are), then by gum you’re outta luck (unless you click here).

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