jg_batches 0.3.1

This release adds view_more.bat to the “SendTo” utilities and fixes an email address typo in readMe.txt. jg_batches 0.3.1

jg_batches 0.3.0

I restored the batch files related to dates and times, plus added timestamp2clipboard.bat which (as the name suggests) places a date and time stamp on the clipboard, for pasting into any program. For ease of use, create a Windows keyboard shortcut and you can get a timestamp instantly any time you need it. jg_batches 0.3.0

jg_batches 0.2.0

I added a readMe.txt and versions.txt to jg_batches 0.2.0. I also removed the batch files involving date/time settings, as they too strictly depend upon a specific set of language/date/time settings. I plan to restore them ASAP.


I decided to publish a collection of Windows batch files I frequently use. I don’t know how useful they will be to others, but at the very least they make decent batch file examples. I was going to publish them to the public domain, but after reading about potential liability issues, I decided to add [...]