PELN 0.5.0

PELN 0.5.0 is released. The major new feature in this release is that it is now possible to edit existing entries using the “PELN REVISE” command. “revise.bat” contains the commands for editing an entry and updating the log file. PELN maintains history of all versions of edited entries. PELN 0.5.0 links: Source code (requires SQLite [...]

PELN 0.4.1

PELN 0.4.1 is released. – Added unit test for development, including minor code change to support unit test (see source distribution for details). – Documentation corrections. – No user-visible changes to functionality. PELN 0.4.1 links: Source code (requires SQLite to be downloaded separately) Windows executable and batch file

PELN 0.4.0

Long time since my last post, I know… Anyway, PELN 0.4.0 is released. The functionality of the program is not changed too much in this release. It is now possible to use any name for the log file by running “peln.exe setlog [filename]“. There are significant under-the-hood changes which should simplify future development. PELN 0.4.0 [...]

PELN 0.3.1

The primary changes for PELN 0.3.1 are: Added local time to log (in addition to UTC). Added “versions.txt” and placeholder “readMe.txt”. For more info, see versions.txt in either distribution. PELN 0.3.1 links: Source code (requires SQLite to be downloaded separately) Windows executable and batch file

PELN 0.2.0 released

PELN 0.2.0 Plaintext Electronic Lab Notebook is now released. The only difference in functionality is that the batch file no longer loops to repeatedly reopen Notepad++. I’ve been using it on a Windows hotkey (create a shortcut to the batch, select properties on the shortcut, select “Shortcut key”, then press a key combo, e.g. Ctrl [...]

PELN 0.1 released

I decided to release the PELN Plaintext Electronic Lab Notebook as open source. The current version is PELN 0.1. It’s pretty rough at the moment, but an early release seems in the open-source spirit. The license is very liberal (it’s modeled after the zlib license). PELN 0.1 links: Source code (requires SQLite to be downloaded [...]

PELN the First

I implemented PELN, the Plaintext Electronic Lab Notebook which I had proposed in a preceding post. I followed the original proposal fairly closely, but did make some changes. “peln.exe” is the executable at the heart of the project, written in ANSI C and utilizing SQLite. There are currently only two options for the executable: (1) [...]

PELN logfile?

In the preceding post, I proposed a simple Plaintext Electronic Lab Notebook application (PELN) which I’m going to implement. While writing the post, I had an idea to use a logfile as the source of the entries, but it is only speculative and is not part of the tier 0 plan, so I’m posting about [...]

PELN: Plaintext Electronic Lab Notebook

I currently keep “lab notebooks” on my computers, both at home and at work. I prefer to use plaintext ASCII format, and I check my notebook into my version control software (VCS). My lab notebooks are simple running logs, in reverse-chronological order, and I manually timestamp each entry. I usually view lab notes as permanent-records. [...]