Containment game design revisited

This is my first “thinking out loud” post regarding the Containment [working title] game design. I hope it makes at least some sense (given that it’s out of context for anyone besides me)… After the setbacks of the past few weeks, I’m trying to get back on track with my game design. The current prototype [...]

Latest game creation effort

I’ve posted several times about game prototypes that I created, but after playing around with each of them for a while, I was not satisfied with them. The most important thing I noticed is that working on them felt like drudgery. I wanted to make a game that was not only fun to play, but [...]

A little about my game prototype

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m working on a game prototype. It’s a simple 2D puzzle-platformer, more highly weighted towards puzzles than action. The environment is laid out on a discrete grid, and objects interact on that grid, but the avatar motion is through continuous 2D space. I’ve tried to keep the control scheme [...]

Game prototypes

During the past few months, I’ve implemented several gameplay prototypes. They’re rough, but they’ve allowed me to try out ideas to see how they work in practice. A couple of ideas sounded really good when I thought of them, but I realized they weren’t fun after I implemented them. That’s not unusual — you never [...]