Back to Teledyne

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m heading back to a full-time job, and I thought you might be interested in a few details. I was looking for contract/consulting work, so I contacted a Teledyne company I used to work for (more than a decade ago). While I was there, they expressed interest in having me return [...]


As mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, I’m changing the direction of this site/blog. Because I’m heading back to a full-time programming position, I won’t be looking for consulting jobs, and it makes sense to focus on what Three Eyes Software (which is just me) is doing: developing a videogame in my spare time. I’ve written [...]


I’ve been MIA from here for nearly a month (plus I never did post that frequently, anyway). I’ve run into a few setbacks the last few weeks. My primary computer died, and I’ve been ill the last week or so. I’ve got a new laptop on order, and hopefully I’ll be feeling well again soon. [...]


Three Eyes Software is really just John Giors. I’m presently developing one-man open-source projects and a game design on back-burner. To avoid daylight on weekdays, I disguise myself as an Embedded Systems Engineer and roam the halls of Teledyne Analytical Instruments.