Beacon tweakin’

In the preceding post, I described the interactions between darkness, light, and beacons. The simple interaction between darkness and light seems fine, but the description of beacons didn’t feel quite right. For one, portions of the environment should remain hidden when surrounded by darkness. However, the beacons could be moved anywhere, allowing the player to [...]

Three Eyes Software is official

Three Eyes Software is now officially registered with an FBN (Fictitious Business Name, aka “Doing Business As”). I filed the company name with the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder yesterday, and ordered newspaper publication this morning. Things be movin’ along!

My first Linux setup

I just finished setting up my first Linux system. It’s a long story, so I’ll just hit the highlights. It began when my fairly old (c. 2001) Windows desktop got infected with very aggressive malware. I spent an entire day fighting the problem, then finally gave up. We didn’t keep anything important on the system, [...]

In the beginning…

…there was a single, lonely, solitary post, soon to be joined by others. Welcome to the Three Eyes Software Blog!